Strategy & Policy

Growing businesses are torn between responding to today's immediate needs and planning for sustainable growth. Leaders need roadmaps, benchmarks, points of reference – but they don't have time to devote to building those plans. We do.

Market & Customer

Knowing your customer is a full-time job. Keeping up with the way market forces are shaping your customer's evolving tastes is a career in itself. We help you with market discovery and customer insights – from startups to established businesses.

Finance & Funding

Seeking funding is a necessary distraction from your core business – but a distraction nonetheless. Your ability to portray your business in the context of similar competitors is important. Showing investors your potential as an acquisition can make you shine. We can help you find and demonstrate these relationships.

Modeling & Analysis

Data – we all have it, and we all know we could be doing more with it. Analyzing customer behavior >> modeling potential pricing strategies >> predicting return on investment >> this is how you make sound business decisions. We can help set the stage for this process.