There are no blue oceans. If you are entering a market with no competitors, you should think again about whether it’s even a market. Risk is everywhere. Your decisions about segments, pricing, and distribution will prove wise or foolish based on your grasp of the inherent and emerging risks.

What would you give for access to systems that turn risk into intelligence?

Our Approach

When you embark on a new initiative, you will test your entire business. Core assumptions will show their flaws. Established methods will struggle to deliver new results. Old will not meet the demands of new.

The tendency to lean on established truths poses a risk to all of us. We are wise when we resist that temptation, and systematically test our assumptions against ever-changing realities. There is never a more important time for this than when your business is building something new.

We work with your executive team to develop methods and processes for systematically reducing business risk:

New market exploration

Simply put: does your market exist, or do you think it exists, or do you merely want it to exist? These are humbling, introspective questions for a leader to ask. But they are critically important. We will work with your teams to establish methods for stress-testing your journey to market validation.

Competitive continuous monitoring

If you don’t have a competitor, you don’t have a business. So go find them. The market is a landscape with many features, and your competitors cast shadows on that landscape. We can learn lots from these shadows, and from exploring the way they interact with the market landscape. We will collaborate with your leadership to establish programs focused on continual awareness of the competitive landscape.

Customer dossier

Your customers are smart. They know when you really understand them, and they know when you are faking it. So don’t fake it. Work with us to generate a detailed, personal, meaningful understanding of what drives your buyers to action. This is about empathy – we will help customer-oriented teams with methods for ensuring a focus on true understanding.

Sales narratives

Your sales are anything but transactional. Both you and your clients recognize the value of mutually beneficial relationships and you put a priority on ensuring that drives the sales process. It’s critically important that your selling process be aligned with a narrative that speaks to these values. Our teams will work with you to create and refine that narrative out of the risk-based (value-based!) fundamentals of your business.

Channel excavation

Channels don’t open up, they are carved out. Good channels come together after tremendous amounts of thought, planning, work, investment, and patience. The process is complex, collaborative, and fraught with risk. We will work with executives to create risk-based strategies that mitigate risk through advance planning, imaginative design, and thoughtful incentives.