risk is everything

Your fate, and the fate of your business, is driven by risk. Opportunities worth taking will always involve some level of risk and uncertainty. The strategic decisions you make about risk have a direct impact on the outcomes you achieve. Risk is everything.

What would you give for the ability to make better strategic risk decisions?

Our Approach

As an executive you look inside your business and see risk everywhere. At times it overtakes the senses and you begin to operate on intuition alone. This is where fortunes are made and lost – often by no more than guts and chance.

We work with your executive team to develop methods and processes for systematically reducing business risk:

  • Market Risk: new market entry, customer segmentation, sales strategies (direct and channel)
  • Product Risk: market validation, customer discovery, product roadmap and lifecycle strategy, value proposition creation
  • Cyber & Operations Risk: holistic assessment, gap analysis, program development, executive and board reporting


It’s About Governance

A methodical approach to risk-taking will create tremendous advantages for your business. But it will be subject to the same natural forces of decay that blunt the effectiveness of all programs that are improperly supported.

We implement the methods and processes above through the use of a risk-based governance framework. The purpose of this framework is to help companies embrace the creation of policies and processes that create culture your way – “the way we do things here.”

Our programs are structured to ensure that no initiative is left stranded without a lifeline into the company’s core values, strategies, and policies. When built this way, programs aren’t just thoughtfully designed for today’s world, they are adaptive to change.