Beta Version Available on

We are pleased to announce a Beta of our security assessment, def.inity. The tool is designed to help security vendors and consultants engage with new clients, by walking them through a series of questions about the potential client's security controls. The assessment (which does not collect sensitive or proprietary information) provides report that identifies what aspects pose the greatest risk of a breach. Based on this report, clients will more easily grasp the tangible implications of that risk, and together with vendors can work toward a solution based on the business' needs.

def.inity is intended for use by consultants in IT security, solution providers in security technology, and liability experts from the legal and insurance fields. Each of these roles faces a complex conversation with potential clients, and will benefit from the simplicity and clarity afforded by the def.inity assessment.

def.inity is built with the API, so that it integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM platforms. Custom reporting (still in development) will be available through standard Salesforce interface, a well as via a custom Tableau environment – so that it can be exported by any user for reprts, presentations, proposals, or publications. If you are not a Salesforce user, we can still provide a login credential for you, and make reports available via Tableau.

We are seeking Beta testers to help us understand the UX concerns of the assessment – Does it work well? Are the questions comprehensible? Would it help you work better with clients?

Beta testers who provide feedback and participate in a brief interview about the assessment will receive a free 1 year subscription to the tool, when the full version is released. Email us today to obtain login information and get started using def.inity