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SXSW Panel Picker Voting – We proposed to host a panel at SXSW 2015. Titled “A Light in Dark Places,” it will address the importance of bringing more people into the conversation about internet security. We would love to see you there, but we won’t be able to if we don’t get enough votes – so help us out!

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Austin Technology Incubator’s SEAL Decision Day – This summer we were fortunate to be accepted into ATI’s Student Entrepreneur Accelerated Launch program (SEAL). The culiminating event is called “Decision Day” and will be hosted online as a live streaming event – where you can be a part of the Q&A.

On Wednesday September 10 @ 630pm (Central) the presentations will begin. All are welcome to attend the whole event – Scalar Security will be last on the agenda @ 820pm Central.

Coming soon… Scalar Demo – We’ll be rolling out an early version of our assessment tool, and are looking for people to test it out. In other words, we need you to break our stuff.

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