You are about to build something – are you sure the world wants it? When you commit to investment in an unproven product concept, the path forward is fraught with peril. Methods with terminology like “agile” and “minimally viable” persist because they are effective risk reduction techniques. How well do you understand the risks? Do you have a system for identifying and reducing risk?

What would you give for a system that turns risk into product intelligence?

Our Approach:

To stay relevant, your business must constantly reinvent. The products and services that performed well in the past will wither without constant attention. Even so, your customers will begin to wander if your offerings don’t keep pace with the continually evolving market. Tomorrow’s products need development today.

Your company’s expertise can pose a risk: the risk of overconfidence. New products must navigate the narrow gap between radical change and timid increments. Too radical and your product won’t be adopted, too timid and nobody will notice the change. Both of these are huge risks.

We work with your executive team to develop methods and processes for systematically reducing product risk:

New market exploration

Simply put: does your market exist, or do you think it exists, or do you merely want it to exist? These are humbling, introspective questions for a leader to ask. But they are critically important. We will work with your teams to establish methods for stress-testing your journey to market validation.

Customer discovery

Describe the user who will benefit from this product. What do they want? What causes them great frustration? What aspect of their job, routine, or daily lives would they pay dearly to improve? We employ a process that helps your teams arrive at a detailed, accurate describe this person. All you have to do is go talk to them.

Roadmap and lifecycle

Where is this all going? Customer want you to change colors, bump the font size, add a button. Prospects want to wait until the next release… and then the next one. Investors need you to have a strategy for emerging trends. Your team wants to build what’s right. Do you know what that is? We work with you to process these requests rationally and methodically. So that you can invest with confidence.

Value proposition

Yes, but what do it do for me? Feature isn’t function, and function isn’t value. Can you offer a concise and consistent explanation for the real value of your product? Remember, value is derived from risk – so what are the risks that your product or service eliminates or mitigates for your customer? We will bring you along a journey of risk discovery that ends in value creation for all.