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Security & Privacy

Who Bears the Burden of Protecting Digital Identities? (2015) – Data is the currency we increasingly use in exchange for access, convenience, or information. But a cursory examination of the implied value of this exchange suggests that it is heavily imbalanced in favor of the data collectors. 

A Light in Dark Places (2014) – A major impediment to info security is the fact that executives are not equipped to ask the right questions. A gulf exists between technicians and managers, and that is where the risk lives.

Case Study: Challenges and Opportunities of SIEM Integration (2014) – This white paper covers the development and deployment of Panopticon software on the University of Texas System, and discusses the positive results enjoyed by not only the Security team, but IT managers and administrators throughout the University.


Defense in Debt: The Missing Links Between InfoSec and Cyber Insurance (2015) Cyber liability insurance premiums passed $2B in 2014, up from $1.3B in 2013. But the rapid rise of this new form of risk transfer has outpaced the development of accurate measures for the risk itself. Developing these measures will require legislation and collaboration among industry stakeholders of all stripes.

Crisis Management

Valuing Black Swans: Perspectives from Managers and Markets (2014)We examine crises in cyber breach, natural disaster, manmade disaster, and terrorist attack to gain insight into 1) differences in risk management activity before and after the event, and 2) public markets' assessment of the cost of such attacks. 

Sales & Product Marketing

Channel Clarity: Gaining Visibility in the Partner Pipeline (2015)Presentation outlining problems felt by sales and marketing managers who engage with channel partners, and those partners' subsequent struggle to demonstrate value. Offers a software solution called def.inity